God has four eyes

Noelle: “You know that God can see everything at once? That’s because He has four eyes: when Jesus sits beside Him, that makes four eyes.”

Gracie’s prayers

Tonight at bedtime:

Gracie: “Jesus, please when Esther gets better, bring her back to our house.  Amen.  Mommy, I asked Jesus to bring Esther back when she gets better, and He said yes!”

The other day:

Gracie: “Mommy, Jesus has magic in His hands.  I know that.”

Another day:

Gracie:  “When Jesus comes back and brings Esther with Him, I will give her lots of hugs and kisses because I love her.”


“Doots!” [Boots]

“Bobbom.” [Bottom]

“Bapple.” [Apple]

“Welle.” [Noelle]

“Ishee?” [Where is she?]

“Eer ’tis!” [Here it is.]

“Vuh-vuh.” [Brother]

“Doo Doo.” [Boo Boo]

Cauliflower au gratin


It was not your time

“It was not your time.
That’s a useless lie.
A fallen world took your life.
But the God that sometimes can’t be found
Will wrap Himself around you
So lay down, sister, lay down.”

(Bebo Norman, “Rita”)

Gracie: “Ambrose is my favorite boy from the hospital. He’s the best baby I’ve ever seen.”

Broke the praying mantis

Gracie: “I was playing with the praying mantis, and I brooke [pronounced like “nuke” or “Luke”] him.  Praying mantises don’t always like to get broked.”


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