Gracie: “Ambrose is my favorite boy from the hospital. He’s the best baby I’ve ever seen.”

Broke the praying mantis

Gracie: “I was playing with the praying mantis, and I brooke [pronounced like “nuke” or “Luke”] him.  Praying mantises don’t always like to get broked.”

Summer is dying

Noelle today:  “Summer’s dying, and fall’s coming.”

Going to high school

Noelle: “Mom, when we grow and get to be big kids, then we’ll go to high school.”

Me: “Yes.”

Gracie: “Mommy, when we go to high school, will you stay there with us so we won’t miss you?”

[Sound of my heart breaking.]

Picnic prayer

Noelle’s prayer this morning, before eating her picnic lunch, prepared by her and Gracie:

“Dear God,

Thank You for our new baby brother.
And thank You for giving us courage yesterday.
And thank You for giving us Your life.
And thank You for Bible School.
And thank You for our picnic lunch.



“At unusual times,
in unexpected places,
the supermarket,
the ball game,
on the way home from work,
my eyes sting and my throat gets tight.

And then I know,
that all I want
is you.”
Dorothy Ferguson

This answered almost every question I had about frozen custard vs. ice cream.  Good resource.


via How to Make Real-Deal Soft Frozen Custard at Home | Serious Eats.


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